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The Erotic Body

The Erotic Body

As you grow to be more in tune with your body, you will naturally become more aware of your own powerful eroticism. Tantric meditation encourages you to explore new ways, using taste, scent, and sensual touch to come to a full understanding of the wonder of each other’s bodies. You may be surprised at how this intimate exploration gives you greater intuition when it comes to your partner’s emotional and spiritual needs. In tantra, body, mind, and spirit share a strong connection. This is one reason why tantric lovers spend so much time pleasuring and learning about the body. It is a constant source of discovery and enlightenment. Make it a priority to set aside regular time to reflect on the beauty of your body by booking one of our Tantric Massage Session in London—then revel in the pleasure that comes as a result. Tantric meditation gives you permission to worship the body often, and frees you to value physical pleasure in your relationship. As you move further along your tantric journey, your bodies will become temples that bring enlightenment, joy, and unending physical pleasure.

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