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Nuru Massage London

Full Body to Body Massage | Relaxing Sensual Tantric Massage

What Is Nuru Massage?

Originating in Japan, Nuru Massage brings to the massage table some elements that some of you did not think could be used. Of course, we are talking about the Nuru massage gel – it is not as thick as the usual massage oil, meaning that it can be washed off quite easily after the massage session is done.

Moreover, since it is a gel, it can truly offer the sensual and slippery sensations most of you are looking for in a massage. Therefore, a Nuru massage in London means that you will be offered an enhanced perception of the masseuses body, because of the gel and of the way, she will be using it to slide her body up and down against yours.

Nuru Massage Benefits

Now that you know what Nuru Massage, real nuru massage is, it is time to tell you about its benefits – because there is so much more than just the pleasure of the massage. Since the gel is made of the extract of seaweed fruit, grapefruit extract, Aloe Vera gel, and some other herbs, you also experience a naturist massage the antioxidants will fill your skin and make your muscles relax and your body relieve stress like never before.

Your body will be more relaxed and calmer than in the case of traditional massages – the sensual body of your masseuse paired with the natural Nuru massage oil will make for an unforgettable experience – both thrilling and calming.

How Is Nuru Massage Performed at Pure Tantric?

Our Nuru Massage in London services come with a specific procedure, that is meant to excite and relax you as well – and everything begins with one special moment.

  • First of all, the masseuse will have to cover her entire body with the Nuru massage gel – this process will take place before your very eyes, making for a soothing and exciting experience.
  • After her body is covered in gel, it is now the time for your body to be covered as well. Of course, the masseuse will massage you as she is applying the oil.
  • Then, once the two of you are fully covered with the Nuru massage oil, the masseuse will start to slide and rub her body against yours, making for a quite unique tantric massage – you will be offered pleasure, sensuality, as shell use her oily body to hug yours.

A Nuru massage may not be something you have tried before, but it is a real delight, incredibly relaxing and phenomenally stimulating at the same time. If you are feeling inspired, you should know that there is nothing that is more stimulating than having two bodies rubbing up against one another that are fully naked. Every dip and curve of your masseuse’s body connect with every tip and edge of your own body.

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