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Mutual Touch Tantric Massage London

Full Body to Body Massage | Relaxing Sensual Tantric Massage

How Is Mutual Massage Performed ?

Now you know what mutual touch massage is, it is time to find out how it is performed – when engaging in mutual touch massage, it is important to know that you will have around half of the massage session available for you to touch and enjoy the curves of the masseuse.

  • In the beginning, the masseuse will touch and massage your back so that you get a feel of her.
  • As she caresses your body, you will be able to see all of this with the help of the mirrors that are set up throughout the room – pay attention and learn, as you will have to caress her body as well.
  • Before it is your turn to massage the masseuse, she will take some time to teach you how to properly touch her, teaching you various types of massage strokes.
  • As the second part of the mutual magic massage begins, you will be responsible for the masseuse’s body, while she massages you simultaneously.

Engaging in mutual erogenous massage means that you will get a more erotic experience, as you get closer to the masseuse and are able to feel every part of her body.

Outcall & Incall Mutual Massage Services

Our mutual massage London services are available both in outcall and incall forms – meaning that you can choose between coming to our location and being greeted by the masseuse or the masseuse coming to your location of choice.

This is because we want our customers to feel comfortable and fully enjoy the experience that a mutual massage, mutual magic massage can offer them.


It’s allowing you to put your hands all over the body of a beautiful masseuse, sensually caress and massage her, including the intimates zones. This is the perfect way to intensify the experience , as not only does it gives you an ultimate buzz, it gives the receiving masseuse one too.

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