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Exclusive Body to Body Massage in Knightsbridge

Book an Exclusive Body to Body Massage in Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge was historically known in Saxon and Old English as Cnihtebricge (c.1050); Knichtebrig (1235); Cnichtebrugge (13th century); and Knyghtesbrugg 1364, that is “bridge of the young men or retainers,” from Old English cniht (genitive case plural –a) and brycg. The original bridge was where one of the old roads to the west crossed the River Westbourne. The allusion may simply be to a place where cnihtas congregated: bridges and wells seem always to have been favourite gathering places of young people. However there is possibly a more specific reference to the important cnihtengild (‘guild of cnihtas‘) in 11th century London and to the limits of its jurisdiction (certainly Knightsbridge was one of the limits of the commercial jurisdiction of the City in the 12th century). Cniht in the pre Norman days did not have the status meaning of a minor noble, but simply described a horseman.
Finest Body to Body Massage in Knightsbridge

Tantric therapy Knightsbridge is a specialist massage carried out by trained professionals who bring relief to your body, awakening long since dormant sexual desire in accordance with the laws of tantra. With this intimate and highly erotic massage Knightsbridge, you can revel in the joys of human touch – a gift sorely lacking in most human interactions in this jet age.
That our masseuse apart from being very well trained in the art of tantra and the coaxing of the body into relaxation via touch are also breathtakingly gorgeous is an added bonus. What’s not to love about a beautiful, supple bodied, nubile woman running her soft hands and body all over you, chest, thighs, groin at all, dedicatedly going at it till you orgasm in a volcano of ecstasy?
Want us to visit you in your private room? Whether you are staying at the Millenium Hotel or The Sheraton Tower Hotel or just visiting Harrods,  there are no limits where we can drop in for the outcall massage Knightsbridge service.

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