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The Best Sensual Massage in Baker Street

Book a The Best Sensual Massage in Baker Street
Seeing as Baker Street caters to those with refined tastes with the means to splurge satisfying their every desire, a Baker Street sensual massages is no exception. The West End of London is home to elite tantric massages in Baker Street for those with a taste for luxury. There is nothing as satisfying as lying down with soft hands dedicated to relieving your body of stress and rejuvenating it working their magic.

You could use the opportunity of being in Baker Street to resuscitate your love life and turn it into the best London couple massage ever experienced. Imagine the sensuality of you both naked as the day you were born, laid up in a massage room complete with sensual music playing softly in the background, warm yellow light casting a glow over your bodies, scented candles emitting their sweet fragrance and expert hands nurturing your sensual cores bringing you both ecstasy and relaxing your nerves.

Give a personal touch to the whole experience and shell out for a Baker Street outcall massage just for the two in your private space. Might as well put that luxury Ritz Hotel room to good use. Or if you prefer, the London Marriott Hotel is just a few minutes away, where you can enjoy the best visiting massage London service.
The super slick incall massage Baker Street is one that would make a lasting memory of your visit to Baker Street. Starting off with an assisted shower in which the masseuse will join you in the shower or bathtub buck naked and slowly wash both your naked bodies while pressing up on you with hers, this highly erotic massage Baker Street will have you already worked up into a frenzy of both physical and mental arousal long before the massage itself starts.
The Nuru Massage Baker Street involves the use of the special nuru gel, made of odourless and tasteless seaweed. This gel is much more slippery than the regular massage oil. Both you and your lovely masseuse will be in the buff post shower, thoroughly clean and completely covered in this slippery gel.
Envision perky breasts covered in gel used as a tool to massage your back and chest. Your groin area expertly grinded on and stroked with a pert butt, soft hands grasping on your thighs as she glides across, movement made more sensual and flowing with the slippery nuru gel. Many a dormant sex life have since been resuscitated courtesy of our prostate massage Baker Street.

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